Wireless Call

With this innovative system of call management you’ll be able to work with real freedom, instead of being plugged to wires or around the desk all day. Yes, conference calling is an option but not when it comes to privacy. Through this method you’ll be able to pick calls from different telecommunication systems, from your

Large Format Display

A type of visual presentation that allows enterprises to display animated content in a great scale exhibition. It combines multiple screens and produces a powerful experience to the user. It can be used to promote the release of a product, to present a show, to display useful information or just to be seen by a

3D Impression

It has become a reality for companies to be able to produce 3D scaled objects at their office. This clever impression systems allows for professionals to print large scale products in different scales, colors and shapes and therefore studying their creation, experimenting with different layout presentations for commercial purposes and so on.

Video Conference

Visualizing your business partners and potential customers is important for you. You’ll be able to display important information at real time and receive as well, and have a realistic feel to your conference calls. Debate, work and talk as if your partner was there, show them what you’re doing and exchange points of view with

Smart Point of Sale

Nothing says ‘We Got It’ better than a modern, user-friendly sleek interface for processing customer’s orders on the clock. Whether you are in the retail business, hostelry, or run a restaurant, a bar, a fashion store, you’ll find that being able to take orders from customers through a visual touchscreen screen will not only help

Hotel Display

Give your customers a special experience with a wide range of professional hotel television screens. Set up with all the needs for improving an hostelry service, you’ll find the perfect match for your accommodation through a top-brand catalog display.


AiO stands for All in One Computers. They are elegant, lightweight and touchscreen. They come in different sizes and will improve your professional performance, in and outside your office. For aesthetics purposes they’ll definitely keep your company in your client’s minds. Work faster, and improve your revenue with state of the art computers.


Cloud Computing is a revolutionary upgrade of your business. It will leave all your concerns related to storage, server maintenance and disk space up to professionals of world-class brands, leaving you with time to your customers. By upgrading your data and services into ‘the cloud’, you’ll be able to experience growth in performance, speed, client