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My name is Ana, a Certified IT Service Manager and Designer from Portugal. I make my services available abroad through Consultation and Contract Forms. I work directly with world-class respected brands in order to deliver Premium Quality to my clients, as well as impressive design solutions to enhance their presence in the leading market.



  • Wireless Call

    With this innovative system of call management you’ll be able to work with real freedom, instead of being plugged to wires or around the desk all day. Yes, conference calling is an option but not when it comes to privacy.

    Through this method you’ll be able to pick calls from different telecommunication systems, from your phone dial line to smartphone calls, and still do whatever you have to de, wherever that is.

  • Large Format Display

    A type of visual presentation that allows enterprises to display animated content in a great scale exhibition. It combines multiple screens and produces a powerful experience to the user.

    It can be used to promote the release of a product, to present a show, to display useful information or just to be seen by a large ammount of people at a public disposition space. It will evoke a feelling of sophistication, of inovation and front-edge technology to your company or organization, thous providing it with a real sense of commitment to your final audience.

    They can come in many shapes, vertical, stand-up dislays, they can be interactive with the user as for shopping of informative purposes and they will surely capture the attention of everyone in the room.

  • 3D Impression

    It has become a reality for companies to be able to produce 3D scaled objects at their office. This clever impression systems allows for professionals to print large scale products in different scales, colors and shapes and therefore studying their creation, experimenting with different layout presentations for commercial purposes and so on.

  • Video Conference

    Visualizing your business partners and potential customers is important for you. You’ll be able to display important information at real time and receive as well, and have a realistic feel to your conference calls. Debate, work and talk as if your partner was there, show them what you’re doing and exchange points of view with advanced, reliable video conference technology.



For Each Milestone, Budget and Sector.

Consultation Services include financial planning, evaluation of specific needs, improvement strategy and choices available. Many aspects are taken to consideration, such as the the workflow of your business, your specific professional area, the established budget line and mid-ranged milestones. Here’s our start point. Through consultation we’ll be able to analyze your business special needs, where

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Each Logo Design is passionately crafted as to the business special needs and trademark characteristics of your brand. See your new high-quality rendered Logo applied to many different fabrics and textures as to find out which one is best suited for your brand display. The process goes through different stages, as you’ll be able to

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Have you ever been to such a beautiful place as to wish you’d never have to leave? This are the type of sites I compromise myself on creating for your business. Full reliable, responsive and unique layered as to your accordance and specific needs. Offer a first-class view of your business to your clients. For

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Because invisibility is the enemy of your business. It doesn’t matter the professional area your company runs with, if it’s not social, it’s not there. Rely on powerful social media networking tools and let the world know what you’re doing. Businesses who welcome the new-age technology social strategies witness a +200% revenue of immediate growth. Did

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Besides all the products and services available, you can purchase exclusive follow-up support. If you got any question would like answered, try something new,  you can call, e-mail, sms, or tweet me, and you’ll be having my undivided attention. Installations, maintenance, technical support, know-hows questions, I got you covered. Even if it is something very special

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hakken real estate

  • With Hakken Real Estate, for the purchase or sale of your property, you will work with highly specialized consultants and also get the benefit of our strategy with total focus on the client.

    – Jorge Cardoso




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Social Presence Case Study – Pinterest

SUCCESS STORY MADE.COM MADE.COM has collaborated with 60 designers to make unique, well-designed home decor affordable and accessible to everyone. Their products are available across Europe, and as part of their ambitious growth strategy, MADE.COM used Pinterest to increase transactions by 106% and revenue by 173%. Our customer is a savvy online operator, with a

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The First Holographic Computer, by Microsoft

Connect, create, and explore Transform the ways you communicate, create, collaborate, and explore. Your ideas are closer to becoming real when you can create and work with holograms in relation to the world around you. A more natural way to interact Holograms are responsive to you and the world around you. Microsoft HoloLens enables you to interact with content

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IT Service Management Best Practices

Most organizations consider their people, capabilities, processes, and technologies to be strategic assets. These assets help deliver and support the company’s vision and mission. Efficient and effective alignment of capabilities and resources of services and products can help create a strategic advantage in the markets that organizations serve. This is where ITIL®, the Information Technology Infrastructure Library, comes into play. ITIL

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